Barnett Ghost 400 review by Kande

Maybe you like barnett ghost 400

I fully love the bow as its lightweight and extremely quick. I scan alternative reviews on that before I bought it. Some mentioned regarding sting breakage however they were older reviews and that i erroneously thought the manufacturer would have corrected the matter or strong the string by the time I bought mine. Well i assume that did not happen as i used to be shooting at an enormous pig once my string skint. There was AN arrow on the slide, it absolutely was pushed back way enough into the receiver that the security worked however on the wing the string skint and that i uncomprehensible a trial of a period of time at twenty yards broadside. currently the manufacturer is attempting to inform Pine Tree State the arrow may not are in way enough and it absolutely was what they decision “dry fire” that they do not cowl below their warrantee. Their advertising states the bow cannot be dry unemployed. If all their instrumentality worked properly I should not need to check my arrow placement once more and probably need to push my arrow in any particularly once it absolutely was cocked and loaded. Then they require Pine Tree State to send it back to them instead of have AN athletics look fix it with warrantied elements (I’d lief pay any labor costs) thus i do not loose the remainder of my athletics season. They aforementioned there’s no thanks to tell if there was AN arrow on the slide thus they’re going to assume that it absolutely was still “dry fired” and that isnot lined below warrantee. I will not purchase something from this manufacturer as they need to abundant flexibility


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